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About Us

About Us

We are bridging the gap between the world’s largest open source software project and the
modern web framework technologies in Health Informatics. Our in-house developed
healthcare tools include bleeding edge Node.JS – WebRTC video streaming solutions and
custom Chrome Browser Extensions. Currently, we are researching on the development of an
eHealth system for Clinical Decision Support purpose through a data integration and artificial
intelligent application layer.

Dr. Figurski

Dr Figurski has completed a residency in anesthesia and intensive care and maintains a special interest in emergency medicine and sports injuries. He is an expert in medical informatics, and previously consulted in the area of medical informatics and telehealth for the province of BC.
Virtual Mouse Call

Virtual Mouse Call

MouseCall.MD is an internet walk-in clinic without the walk (or drive!)

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#109 - 975 Academy Way
UBCO Campus
Kelowna, BC
V1V 3C8